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St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church Markham

An interesting advent devotional from the Presbyterian Church in Canada if anyone is interested in it.Advent begins Sunday, December 1 and many of us are seeking ways to make this a Christ-centered time. The short but impactful devotions in this year’s Presbyterians Read book, Celebrating Abundance by Walter Brueggemann, will help to create a healthy rhythm of spiritual reflection throughout the season.

There is still time to join the study that begins on December 1 and there are several ways to participate.

Solo—Get a copy of Celebrating Abundance from your favourite retailer and read the devotions each day.

Small Group—Start or join a small group of people reading the daily devotions on their own but meeting to discuss what they’ve read once a week.

Online in our Facebook Group—Read the devotions each day and join the discussion with other Presbyterians in our Facebook study group. All are welcome to join. The group is private and only the members in the group can see who’s in the group and what they post. Join the group here: facebook.com/groups/2397226327195079

Please also join the Presbyterians Read introductory webinar on Wednesday, November 20 at 1 p.m. (Eastern). Dr. Emily Hill, Christian Education Coordinator for Canadian Ministries, will be introducing the book and discussing how small group leaders can use the study guide she created to facilitate weekly discussion groups. There will be plenty of time for questions and conversation. Register today at presbyterian.ca/webinars

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St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church Markham

Today, we remember those who gave their lives in war so that others might live in freedom and peace.

We remember those whose bodies, minds and souls are scarred by war and whose lives will forever bear the wounds of trauma, violence and loss.​

We remember the continuing courage and sacrifice of the women and men who serve in the Canadian Armed Forces and their families.​​​

We remember all those innocents who have been caught up in the world’s power struggles, those who have lost their homes and livelihoods, those who now seek a safe refuge in other countries and children who have no sense of security or hope for the future.​

We remember those who make and keep peace; especially we give you thanks for those who form and enforce just laws and create societies of peace and blessedness.

We remember God’s grace and care in time of need, conflict or crisis, whether between nations, within families, at the workplace or among friends.​

As we remember when the guns and cannons fell silent, let us pray for peace. Pray that it begins with us, each one of us, and that our prayers lead us to build bridges and communities of care.

And let us pray that we, now and always, are instruments of God’s love and peace in the world.

We will remember them.

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